[Non-Kdrama] BTS Stickers for Telegram!


I haven’t been able to read & review dramas recently because a couple of friends introduced me to a certain idol group: BTS! You’ve probably heard of them, since they’re one of the most popular groups right now, and they just won the Top Social Artist Award at the 2017 BBMAs.

BBMAs 2017 MAMA 2016 [Edit 20170714: I mistakenly captioned this as “BBMAs 2017”, which is of course, incorrect. This was taken at the Mnet Asian Music Awards last December 2016, where Bangtan cried a whole lot. LOL]
While I like their songs well enough, what really got me hooked was their variety shows, all of which left me feeling totally amused and wanting for more. If you want to give them a try, here’s a recent episode of their variety show – they do a cook-off! If you’re interested in them ~musically~, I suggest listening to their popular songs Dope, Fire, and Blood Sweat and Tears.  Tacking on their official fan song, my personal favorite: 2! 3! (Hoping for Better Days).

Anyway, I made this Telegram sticker pack because I wanted that Flower Hobi reaction so bad LOL. And Jin with his worldwide handsomeness SQUEE. Download it here!



Flower Hobi – Flower Crown Namjoon – Btch Please Namjoon – Worldwide Handsome Jin – Eat Jin – JHOOOOOOOOPE – Bored Yoongi – Crying Yoongi ㅠ_ㅠ – J-Nope – Sad Hobi – SUNSHINE HOBI – Confused Taehyung – Flower Crown Taehyung – Smirking Jimin – Jimin is judging you – #JUNGSHOOK – Thinking Jeongguk – Smiling Jeongguk – YOONJI – BTS


All photos from their official Facebook account!


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