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10 Best Faces Park Bo Gum Makes in Love in the Moonlight

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about Kdramas, mostly because I’ve been on a short tropical island vacation. Yay! It was fun and exciting, but I also missed my Korean series & variety shows. So for this post, I talk about one of the cutest Korean actors I’ve ever watched, Park Bo Gum, in his very popular drama, Love in the Moonlight!


10 Best Faces Park Bo Gum Makes in Love in the Moonlight

(Besides his normal face, which, by default, is his best face. HEH.)

10. Not Sorry At All

10 - Cute
Hee. 😉

You know that face you make when your father, His Royal Highness, catches you cheating on your Crown Princely work? No? Well, Park Bo Gum does.

9. Calling Your Bluff

09 - Calling Your Bluff
The Crown Prince does not believe you at all.

Park Bo Gum makes this face a lot in the series. It might have something to do with him being smarter than a whole lot of other people in the castle. HEH.

8. You Make Absolutely No Sense

08 - Annoyed
See also: Jackie Chan’s meme.

Probably one of the most universally recognized sign of mild inconvenience, Park Bo Gum nails this expression perfectly. (Apparently, I am easily inconvenienced, because I use this sticker a lot.)

7. Superior

07 - Bad Ass
“What a bunch of peasants.” – The Crown Prince, probably

Haughty, Annoyed, and Somewhat Conflicted. All in one glance. A+.

6. Mildly Annoyed

06 - Mild Disgust
“Who dis girl”

Whoops, we got a recurring theme here. HAHAHA. Sorry, but Park Bo Gum really does the adorable side-look thing. HEE.

5. Smug x1000

05 - Smug
Park Bo Gum as the 😏 emoji

Yet another expression of The Crown Prince’s ~superiority~, here’s Park Bo Gum secretly laughing to himself. We also see his side-eye here. How freaking adorable.

4. That’s Too Bad

04 - Mocking
Park Bo Gum as the 😬 emoji

I’m not a hundred percent sure whether The Crown Prince was really mocking someone here or if he’s just caught mid-sentence. Anyway, this screen cap totes looks like 😬.

3. A Literal Sad Face

03 - Sad
Park Bo Gum as the ☹️ emoji

Awww. Here’s all your unhappiness in one photo.

2. Happiness!

02 - Happy
Park Bo Gum as the 🤣 emoji

Can you hear The Crown Prince cackling evilly all the way there? No? Well maybe you should listen a bit more clearly.

& finally, my personal fave:

1. In Love

01 - In Love
Park Bo Gum as the 😍 emoji

Oh dear, that gaze. Park Bo Gum, stop being a cutie. Or not. LOL.


Have this special episode’s Crown Prince wearing the cutest sunnies, ever:

Park Bo Gum as the 😎 emoji

If you liked these faces, feel free to download the Park Bo Gum sticker pack on Telegram! There’s a Park Bo Gum sticker for (nearly) all your reactions. LOL.

Park Bo Gum Sticker Pack on Telegram (over 100 downloads!!)

Aaaaah, Love in the Moonlight! It was an enjoyable & lighthearted watch, although I lost a bit of interest nearing the end of the series. I’d like to believe that everything turned out nicely, so if you’re looking for a cutesy show to watch, then this is it. Plus, you get to look at the adorable mess that is the Crown Prince.

Speaking of Park Bo Gum, I’ve also started watching Reply 1988, where he plays a brilliant but socially-inept teenage Baduk genius. If you loved Park Bo Gum in Moonlight, you’ll definitely love him here as well! I can’t wait to finish & review Reply 1988!


Wow, you’ve reached all the way til the end! Let me share some photos of my vacation (& you can see more at my Instagram account, @jennymangoes). Byeeeee!!


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