Cheese in the Trap’s Top 5 Batshit Crazy Characters


I found myself attracted to Cheese in the Trap due to two reasons: first, it hinted at a rather dark psycho premise, and second, I’d recognized more than half of the main cast from several other dramas I watched. (We see My Love from the Star‘s Park Hae Jin, Goblin‘s Kim Go Eun, and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo couple Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk.)

But anyway, on to the seriously psycho characters of this show!

Cheese in the Trap’s Top 5 Batshit Crazy Characters

5. Baek In Ha

Villain on point

Lee Sung Kyung has an extremely different role here than in Weightlifting Fairy, but she’s still very striking. Baek In Ha is one of the villains, acting like a clingy ex-girlfriend (to a guy who’s almost legally her brother!) and being spoiled all around. Her character is realistic though, and is quite standard in dramas, so she ranks at number 5. Believe me, she’s the lowest tier of this series’ crazy characters.


4. Joo Yeon


You may not remember this girl, but let me refresh your memory: she stole the lead girl’s schoolwork and then sent a drunk man after her while she was reviewing. Someone probably failed to let Joo Yeon know about the basics of sabotage: DON’T. GET. FUCKING. CAUGHT. Because you know, she gets caught.


As one of my favorite Running Man characters would say, STRES~S!!

3. Oh Young Gon

It doesn’t help that his face is literally like that 90% of the show

This guy was seriously obsessed and all-out creepy. It was amusing to see him try to beat the lead guy, Yoo Jung, in a match of wits and manipulation. Like, really? Did you think he was going to fall for your hidden recorder? In what universe do you think you live in?

2. Son Min Soo


Min Soo and Young Gon make a perfect couple. They’re both extremely delusional and whack out of their minds. LOL. I remember the episode where ~new and improved!~ Min Soo was introduced, and she was all, “Oh, I’ve always had this style. Maybe Seol and I just have similar tastes.” And Bo Ra was all, GIRL, NO.

Like, who do you think you’re kidding?


And of course, the top of this hierarch of crazy is none other than our leading man…

1. Yoo Jung!


My first reaction to Yoo Jung was that Park Hae Jin fit the character perfectly. He’s always had that sinister vibe to him in My Love from the Star, and this was magnified by a whole lot in Cheese in the Trap. Yoo Jung is a master in the art of the butterfly effect, where he sets up traps just so that everything works out according to his plan. Very interesting, but also chilling af at the same time. So he definitely tops this psycho list. Like, by a lot.

Reasonably Sane Characters

It would be a disservice to these actually decent characters to skip over them, so I’m giving these awards to The Reasonably Sane Characters in Cheese in the Trap!

Jang Bo Ra & Kwon Eun Taek

I guess when your friend’s dating a psycho, you end up with this face

Baek In Ho

Also a ramen shop dishwasher/flower boy!

And of course, Hong Seol!

Like everyone by the end of the series, she’s just done with y’all

I won’t delve into how the series started out strong only to end rather weakly, because I’m frankly not expert enough to dissect shows like these yet. For the curious, you can read Dramabean’s commentary about Cheese in the Trap’s off-the-screen controversy. I will say, though, that the first few episodes completely captivated me. I also checked out a bit of the webtoon, and Park Hae Jin seemed to be perfect for the lead.

It took me almost a month to finally review Cheese in the Trap, so I’m glad I got this out of the way, and that I didn’t resort to a three-paragraph review. Whoops. I’m also in a hurry because a friend urged me to watch Reply 1988 IMMEDIATELY, AT THIS MOMENT so I guess I’m off to watch that now~


All scenes (c) tvN


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