Of Variety Shows and Park Bo Gum stickers

I’ve been de-prioritizing dramas this week because of a slightly newfound discovery: variety shows!

Running Man: The Early Years

It all started when a friend of mine posted a photo of Lee Dong Wook carrying a cute kid. I messaged her about it and she happened to mention Dong Wook’s appearance on Return of Superman. It was very amusing, seeing Dong Wook try to take care of all three hyperactive toddlers at the same time.

Can’t decide who’s cuter!! Daebak or Dong Wook?

But anyway, despite having super cute kids on Return of Superman, a lot of other friends recommended that I watch Running Man. I started watching it a week ago, and now I’m on episode 27! My roommates can tell you that I’ve been staying up til dawn recently because I just can’t get enough of Running Man! The entire cast is hilarious, especially Kim Jong Kook and the boys. (In other news, I might have to update my Favorite Kdrama Men because Song Joong Ki’s such a QT!!!!! And KJK = 💖💖)

Flower Boy Joong Ki 💖

Speaking of Flower Boys, I have The Ultimate Flower Boy Park Bo Gum Sticker Pack on Telegram! It features 15 super cute expressions of Park Bo Gum as The Crown Prince in Love In The Moonlight, plus 1 shocked expression of the lead girl, Hong Ra On (Kim Yoo Jung). Hehe.


Special thanks to my friends: Joy (who introduced Return of Superman), Keila (who encouraged me to start Running Man from episode 1), and Lizabeth Ann (who requested these Park Bo Gum stickers). Thank you!!

Anyway, that’s all I have to say for now. I’ll do my best to keep up with my pending episodes and reviews (Cheese in the Trap, Pinocchio, Queen In Hyun’s Man, Love in the Moonlight) but I HAVE SEVEN YEARS WORTH OF RUNNING MAN TO WATCH. HAHAHAHAHA. Byeeeee!!


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