1,001 Moments That Shined in Goblin

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God holds a special place in my kdrama heart. It is the first drama that made me curious enough to want to watch Korean series. While there were a lot of times that I found Goblin to be dragging (and found myself asking, several times, why so many people recommended this series), I’m glad I pushed through. Because this series is lovely, and the weather was good, and the weather was bad, and the weather was just right. Heh.

Basically: For everyone who’s ever stopped watching Goblin, I ask that you give it a try at least until the 8th episode. If you still find it boring after that, then I guess this series isn’t for you.

Anyway, on to the point of this post: all the moments that shined on Goblin.


1,001 Moments That Shined in Goblin

(But compressed in 10 scenes. HEH.)

10. Eun Tak First Summons Kim Shin

Eun Tak summons Kim Shin for the first time

After screaming all her problems into the void, Eun Tak’s desperate pleas reach the ears of our leading man and resident (great and lonely) Goblin, Kim Shin. Eun Tak asks for three things: independence, employment, and a boyfriend. This girl knows her #priorities.

9. Grim Reaper and Sunny Meet In This Life

“I don’t have memories, only feelings. I was just incredibly sad. My heart hurt.”

And here we meet my favorite couple, three episodes into the series. Sunny (not Sun Hee) inadvertently takes the jade ring from the Grim Reaper, promptly falling in love with this pale young man. Grim Reaper, in response, cries a lot.

8. Your Boyfriend Is Right In Front of You

Sometimes, the things we look for are right in front of us.

This scene was the first one that endeared me to Kim Shin. I had found him uninteresting beforehand, as he was prone to going on long and rambling monologues about Newton and life in general. You should watch this scene again, because Gong Yoo’s emotion is very very raw.

7. Sunny Protects The Grim Reaper

“Is he the King?”

Kim Shin corners Sunny in her store, demanding that she reveal what she knows of the Grim Reaper’s past. Sunny remains silent, prompting her brother to question her loyalties.

6. Sunny Punishes The Grim Reaper

I'm not falling for you in this lifetime
“Every day was bitter longing. Because I was foolish.” – Grim Reaper

I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of all the hearts breaking.

5. The Sword Is Removed

I'll come as the rain. I'll come as the first snow.
“My life was a reward because I met you.”

Kim Shin gives his last promise to Eun Tak. He will come as the rain. He will come as the first snow. Sadness all around. ☹️

4. Eun Tak Holds Kim Shin To His Promise

You have to remember. You are his bride.
A surprisingly smart move by Eun Tak

Eun Tak holds Kim Shin to his promise. She writes down her last memories of him on her blood-stained notebook.

3. Something Happens On “Just Another Day”

Will you be this man of Goryeo's bride?
“I’m saying this because the day is just so… because you’re still blindingly bright.”

This series finally gives us some happiness. Which lasts all of 3 seconds……… (lol I’m kidding, more like 30 minutes.)

2. The Great and Lonely Goblin

As always, I am alone
And this is why the subtitle of the show is important.

I expected a sad ending for this series (mostly because of everyone else’s spoilers) but this isn’t so bad.

1. Reunion

Everything ends up okay.

I’m not crying, you are.

Wow, creating this review was very painful for my soul. From selecting the scenes, to trying to choose the best 10, to remembering all the things that happened, it was as if I re-watched the entire series. (To be fair, it’s like I actually did.)

I understand why everyone loves this series now. It’s aesthetically pleasing, with great characters, and a rather dry sense of humor. It’s devastating, but not unnecessarily so.

Also, Lee Dong Wook makes it on my Top 5 Favorite Kdrama Men List!

Bonus Moments That Shined!

(All pretty much self-explanatory.)

That's how you honer the love you were givenweddingIn that life, they would be happy.goblin-grim-reaper-2I like to double-fist, that's whychampagne

Ahh, this show. 💖 Bye for nooow.

All scenes (c) tvN


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