My 5 Favorite Kdrama Men

Well, well, well. Look who’s finally made the all-important list. HAHA. I can’t deny that Kdrama men play a huge reason why I love these Korean series. So without further ado, let me present:

My 5 Favorite Kdrama Men


5. Kim Woo Bin

(Young Do in The Heirs, Heung So in School 2013)

For my first Korean crush, Kim Woo Bin! 💖💖💖 My sister laughs at his pointy chin, but who is she to criticize anyway? HAHAHA. She can just stick with her Gong Yoo. LOL.

4. Kim Soo Hyun

(Do Min Joon in My Love From The Star)


Perfect in almost every sense. Fatal flaw: shorty.

3. Lee Dong Wook

(Grim Reaper in Goblin)

I like to double-fist, that's why

Basically the only reason why I’ve managed to get past the first few dragging episodes of Goblin. I was initially fascinated with his lips because in the show they were this perfect shape, also kind of other-worldly.

He also looks good even when he plays a half-crazy suicidal King. If I could just meet one Korean artist, it would be him. HEHE.

I'm not falling for you in this lifetime

2. Lee Jong Suk

(Choi Dal Po in Pinocchio, Nam Soon in School 2013)

Jong Suk is a (very very) close second on my list. At the start of Pinocchio I already found him attractive, but after his makeover in the show, WOW. Just wow. I literally had to pause the episode BECAUSE MAN, LOOK AT THAT CUTIE.


He’s also the only Kdrama guy (so far) that I’ve actually squeed over BECAUSE. HE’S. SO. GORGEOUS. In fact, this entire list was prompted because I wanted to see if someone would overtake him in the future.

[Update 05/27/17] I still haven’t watched the last few episodes of Pinocchio, so while completing other dramas, I considered booting Lee Jong Suk off of this list to make way for the newest leads (like Song Joong Ki or Park Bo Gum). HOWEVERRRR, after completing School 2013 (BEST BROMANCE EVER, HANDS DOWN. Y’ALL SHOULD WATCH IT. Bromance with 2 of my top 5 leads??? SIGN ME UP.) & as I’m now starting on W: Two Worlds, I must say that Lee Jong Suk is safe in this spot. LOL. Also, who else loves that lip cleft of his :)) [/update]

And finallyyyyyy…

1. Eun Ji Won

(Do Hak Chan in Reply 1997)


Ahhh, EUN JI WON. He earns this top spot because his face is distinct from all other Kdrama stars’ pretty boy image. I particularly loved Hak Chan in the series so I might be biased (and also because he doesn’t have other dramas LOL). But who cares!!

I might even start listening to KPop because of him. HAHAHA I’M KIDDING OR MAYBE NOT =))

And some special mentions:

  • So Ji Sub (Young Ho in Oh My Venus)
    • Best Attribute: Maturity




  • Gong Yoo (Kim Shin in Goblin)
    • Best Attribute: Lee Dong Wook


  • Lee Min Ho (Kim Tan in The Heirs)
    • Best Attribute: Everything LOL


Let me know who your favorite Kdrama men are in the poll below! I look forward to fangirling with you soon! 😉


11 thoughts on “My 5 Favorite Kdrama Men

  1. Travesty! Where is Song Joong Ki? Hahahahaa. My top three is Song Joong Ki, Kim Soo Hyun and ok fine, Lee Min Ho at times. Other than those three, kdrama actors are just meh. Im beginning to like Minho though (from Hwarang).

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