5 Reasons Why I Loved Oh My Venus

I’d like to say that I was hooked from the beginning, but that would be a lie. You see, the start of Oh My Venus is a flashback from 15 years ago, during the female lead’s high school years. (At the time, I didn’t know it was a flashback – and I’ve also realized that I really don’t prefer teenage KDramas.)

The female lead was a popular girl, which made her not at all relatable. In addition, her boyfriend (who I thought was going to be the leading male for the series) was not my type. I wanted to quit watching but I had no other KDrama series on hand. LOL.

Thankfully, I stuck it out, because Oh My Venus is now my favorite KDrama.

Minor spoilers and photos, some GIFs ahead.

5 Reasons Why I Loved Oh My Venus

5. Fat Girl Transformations

Kang Joo Eun after her boyfriend breaks up with her

I absolutely loved the flat-out honesty that Kang Joo Eun (I remember her name because she mentioned it, like, 12 kazillion times on the show) has for losing weight.

Health reasons? Nah man, I JUST WANNA BE PRETTY AGAIN.

You go, girl. Hah.

4. No Crazy Exes

Yay, maturity~

The show didn’t highlight love triangles, mostly because there was really no desire from either party to rekindle their relationship. Sure, their exes were used as a plot device to get somebody jealous, but they were never really the point of any relationship issues.

She’s not such a B after all

3. Highly Interesting Supporting Characters



Most of the supporting characters had their own stories, unlike in other series where they just served as inheritance-stealing villains or entitled one-sided lovers. Not all characters in this series had a purpose though. I think there was this celebrity girl who kept dropping in out of nowhere. LOL.

I love how Joon Sung’s all “hu u?”

2. Gorgeous Men

All the eye candy you’ll ever need

While I didn’t like that Young Ho looked so tired and so old, I got used to Coach(-nim) as the leading man quickly enough. Besides, watching him felt like having a personal coach and motivator. Sometimes when I’m at the gym I remember him. HAHAHA.


Is your body for only a single use? Are you going to use it only one day and throw it away? Since it’s something you’ll use for a lifetime, wouldn’t it be better if it were healthy and fine?

— Young Ho, Oh My Venus


I initially wanted The Korean Snake (hehe) to be the leading man, but I guess he doesn’t have time for that shit. He’s a top UFC fighter on a diet, former thug, and an orphan with a sad backstory to boot. Who needs anyone else when you’ve got Joon Sung?

Go watch the series for his topless scenes. LOL.

Finally, my boy Ji Woong, who not only spoke English fluently with a lovely American accent, but also gave immature comedic relief to this series. He was just so bursting with enthusiasm that it was difficult not to be affected by it. What a cutie.


And finally, the only reason that could trump Gorgeous Men:

1. No Unnecessary Angst


After My Love From The Star, where there was so much going back and forth (let’s break up, no let’s make this work sort of thing), Oh My Venus characters were a breath of fresh angst-free air. There was no hesitation or pretentiousness from either of the leads. This was something I loved while watching the series.

Yeah go do that. LOL.

So much of the breakups in the KDrama world (at least, from those that I’ve watched) were caused by misunderstandings that could have been avoided if they’d only talked about it. Although I guess that’s what really happens in real life, I’m still glad there was no unnecessary angst in Oh My Venus.


Bonus Reason: OST

I loved the Beautiful Lady soundtrack so much that I had it on repeat on Spotify for days. It’s also part of my workout playlist now. LOL.


Story: 8/10 + bonus wish fulfillment hahaha
Eye Candy: 10/10

All scenes (c) KBS2


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