The Heirs

I know, very very late to the Kdrama party.

Hello. So I started watching Kdramas this month – mostly because of all the hype and cute photos about Goblin. Unfortunately, at the time, Goblin was still ongoing. As a rule, I avoid watching incomplete series (because binge watcher), but since I was already looking for a Korean drama, I googled “top kdramas” and ended up choosing The Heirs.

In a nutshell, The Heirs is what Meteor Garden (or Boys Over Flowers, which I haven’t watched LOL) would be like if Shan Cai ended up with Hua Ze Lei. I personally don’t find guys with that sort of character appealing, so I liked douchey Choi Young-Do a lot more. The story is super predictable and fits all the cliches I’ve heard about Kdramas: rich guy, poor girl, evil mother, bitchy fiancee – that sort of thing.

Around half of the episodes were set in California, which is really cool despite the fact that it was slightly painful to hear the lead character speak English. But speaking of speaking in English, this leads me to my favorite The Heirs (& all-time) character, Lee Bo Na! ♥ It’s mostly because she’s super cute & she’s such a crazy possessive girlfriend. Plus, Krystal Jung, the actress/singer (because you can have everything, apparently) who plays Lee Bo Na, has a perfect American accent.

Listen to her cuteness in this 7-second clip.

Anyway, were you expecting an in-depth analysis?

I liked this show a lot because all the actors were beautiful. My friend Chad says it’s because The Heirs is an idol series, which I think means they cast a bunch of super popular and talented celebrities. It was kind of confusing for me, though. Even during the end of the season I couldn’t identify some of the male cast. LOL.

Story: 7/10
Eye Candy: 11/10

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